AAA Northern California Nevada and Utah

Retail Winner

Project: AAA Northern California, Nevada & Utah |
San Jose CA

Firm: HKS Architects, Inc | San Francisco CA

Design Statement

AAA Northern California, Nevada and Utah is rebranding via an interiors design effort for its retail locations in the region. AAA Brokaw is one of the few locations that include an attached car care facility, called a “blended branch.” Employees assist members with insurance, integrated DMV services and travel needs, as well as automobile repairs in a full-service garage. AAA requested that HKS provide it with a new look and feel and a branding refresh. HKS’ objective was to help AAA expose the great services it provides, and elevate a legacy company that has been taking care of customers for 100 years, yet promote AAA’s progressive approach and business plan that will serve its members for the next century. Design features include an office layout with travel advisors at the front of house, a member services array in the middle, and an insurance area toward the back, plus garage. Telephone booths in the front welcome members to come in to place a claim, as well as a wireless space with internet access. A coffee cubby and interactive iPad table make the office inviting for all ages. Interactive areas allow employees to engage customers and create an overall positive experience when visiting an AAA location (HKS redesigned four AAA branch offices, incorporating a coordinated, branded sensibility). Where the travel agents are housed, a large glass global map beckons interaction and travel dreaming. The rebranded design of AAA Brokaw brings fresh life and approachability for both new and returning customers.

Shaw Contract Group carpet helped define boundaries of services and interactions within the space. While there was limited usage of Colour Plank Tile 59595 Brite Green 95325, the bright color highlighted the area beneath the beautiful wood ceiling and encouraged customers to mingle and relax while they wait for service. On the other hand, Shaw 59339 Ingrain Tile Linden 39496 was used in the area where a majority of the workstations are placed. The rich color in each thread of the carpet not only complements the surrounding finishes in the millwork and furniture, but it also brings comfort to the eyes of AAA employees. Ingrain Tile is not distracting but provides just enough color and pattern to keep the office section fun and interesting. Shaw Contract Group products always allow us as designers to provide the most affordable yet fun and inspiring flooring options for our clients.

The carpet is a strong element within the interior. Shaws plank module tile, clean textures and strong colours allowed us to achieve exactly the effect we were looking for.

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