Baoli Metropolitan Innovative Showroom

Small Office Winner

Project: 保利大都会创意样板间
Baoli Metropolitan Innovative Showroom | Canton China

Firm: 广州名艺佳装饰设计有限公司
James Liang & Associates Ltd. | Canton China

Design Statement

The designer at the time wanted to create an office environment of no “wall”, to release the space to the greatest extent and to enable every employee working in it to communicate freely at all times; employees would not need a fixed model of work, and even office desks can be combined at will.“ Creativity comes from being unrestrained”, which is also the no “wall” design concept of the design company.

Undoubtedly, the presence of hexagonal carpets provides design inspiration for the designer. At the same time, the repeating yet varied uniqueness of the carpet is also very well applied. Utilizing the characteristics of varied colors and varied layouts to provide visual guidance to different areas extracts the hexagonal element to create various forms of partitions, chairs, cabinets, while the combination of sharply contrasting red and dark gray helps stimulate creative inspiration for the designer.



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