Beeline Group

Small Office Winner

Project: Beeline Group | Atlanta GA

Firm: Perkins+Will | Atlanta GA

Design Statement

As one of Europe’s leading suppliers for fashion jewelry and accessories, Beeline has entered the US market by opening stores nationally in local malls and are partnering with well-known retailers. Wishing to establish corporate office standards and design their North American headquarters in the southeast, the client’s business philosophy is to be open and transparent and it was important to create this environment in the workplace. The program was to hold the business functions of the company in a workplace that fosters different venues of collaboration. Located in the heart of Midtown in an office tower on the 32nd floor, the office design celebrates the views of the city skyline, Stone Mountain, and the surrounding parks by the placement and framing of the spatial organization. The space is sculpted to feel like a crafted piece of jewelry. The interior architecture takes on unique shapes and forms to replicate gems, facets, clasps, and chains. Meeting spaces take on different creative themes to encourage creativity. The wood flooring serves as a connecting element like links of a chain. The break room, located in the center of the office becomes a place of collaboration and connectivity for the employees. The design supports a collaborative way of working and celebrates the beauty of jewelry design.

The flooring serves as a connecting element with all the crafted forms. The use of the hexagonal carpet shapes supported the crafted space and emphasized the Beeline Brand. Besides the connection of the hexagonal carpet to the company name and reference to bees, the flooring choice also represents the angular and color elements in jewelry. While, the Hexagon tiles mimic angles, the Dye Lab tiles used in small meeting rooms are similar to the color variations found in gems and stones. Dominique Mikolajczak, Managing Director of the North Americas of the Beeline Group, called the new office design a “statement piece” for their organization.

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