Chase Tower Fitness Center

Healthcare Winner

Project: Chase Tower Fitness Center | Dallas TX

Firm: Staffelbach | Dallas TX

Design Statement

Recalling classical landmarks from ancient Rome, the Chase Tower dome was a post-modern interpretation designed by Richard Keating. With a 360º expanse of glazing, the dome is a free-standing structure on Chase Tower plaza. With Staffelbach’s national experience in rebranding buildings, the firm was engaged to redesign the dome as well as the plaza and adjacent tower properties. When reimagined as a health facility, the Chase Tower Fitness Center is a sensational success. Referencing the bold geometry in tower and dome, Staffelbach created a call-and-response environment, where interior architecture and structures engage in harmonious dialogue. The custom lighting references the strong angles of the properties, playfully cascading from the center, adding interest to the interior while visually engaging pedestrian traffic. Graphics, wall covering, flooring, and spatial planning continue the geometric concept throughout. In counterpoint to the public space, a subterranean oasis was designed with neutral tones throughout the executive locker room and showers. Natural woods and stone, textural carpeting, and a spare, Zen-like design, all contribute to a sense of tranquility, conferring a relief from vigorous work-outs. The underground connector joining the fitness center to the tower was calculated with movement in mind. When travelling through the connector, azure hues reference the fitness center, while an articulated, wood wall transitions the approach to the tower entry. As a baroque motif, a pop of surprise greets travelers with a bright chartreuse “poufe,” backdropped by a kinetic graphic in shades of grey and black.

From the original imagining of the dome in 1987 through Staffelbach’s recent design of the Chase Tower Fitness Center, metaphor is consciously plaited through structure and club interiors. To Staffelbach, it was crucial to create a totally modern environment for this exquisite landmark while paying tribute to the historical allegory of the building’s shell. Beginning with the custom-designed lighting (that, as another metaphoric layer, reinterprets chandeliers of past eras), Staffelbach used the structural geometry to inform its creative intent. The most compelling correlation of design intent has been achieved with Shaw Contract Group’s hexagonal carpet tiles. Installed in the most visible and dramatic area of the fitness center, where the structure predominates, the very shape of the tiles responds to the surrounding architectural lines. The energetic blue and grey palette recalls both the mullion’s stainless steel finish and Chase Bank’s brand color. In a final intimation, the carpet tile’s subtle texture intimates an understated reference to the tower’s finishes. Beyond allusion and metaphor, however, Staffelbach was committed to ensuring the floor material would withstand the rigors of a high-traffic gym―heavy and mobile equipment, and main traffic areas would test the flooring’s construction and frequent spillage would cause unsightly staining. Unhesitatingly, the Shaw Contract Group tiles were selected to withstand this hyper-active environment. By specifying attic stock, Staffelbach assured permanently damaged tiles will be promptly replaced. Since the pattern is randomly configured, there is no concern that the design layout would be affected. Thus, easy change-outs will prove an advantage to property management.

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