Colorado Army National Guard Readiness Center

Government Winner

Project: Colorado Army National Guard Readiness Center | Colorado Springs CO

Firm: Senger Design Group LLC | Colorado Springs CO

Design Statement

The interior design objective was to emphasize the international design aesthetic featuring light and taught plane surfaces, no ornamentation, open interior spaces, and visual weightlessness with cantilever construction utilizing glass, steel and concrete. The international design style is evidenced from the great hall through the offices and classrooms of the 66,000 sq. ft. facility. The functional spaces with flexible furniture and high-performance American made materials support the multiple use and longevity of the facility. The design commemorates servicemen of the US military with the 2-story Iron Mike image applied to perforated acoustic metal panels. The graphic wall emphasizes the volume of space and the facility purpose. The project represents a unique collaboration between US Air Force Academy (UASFA) and Colorado Army Readiness National Guard (COARNG) on USAFA property. The 23-acre site supports one Infantry Headquarters company and one Infantry company with a combined manning strength of 344. The architectural guidelines of the USAFA required a design acceptable to both groups without sacrificing the singular identity of the COARNG. The final solution was enthusiastically embraced by both entities. The project is certified as LEED Platinum by the USGBC.

The Shaw Contract Group Absorbed, Visible, and Colour Plank tiles echoed the monolithic and linear design of the building. When the project was originally designed, Shaw Contract Group was first in the flooring industry to offer the strong rectilinear format in modular carpet. It was cutting edge design with vivid color accents. The orange linear accent of the tile pattern, selected for the Rocky Mountain region, repeats the flow of the architectural forms. The Shaw Contract Group products were a key element contributing to the design story. Recently completed, the project is a well-balanced and proportioned structure in the Rocky Mountains of Colorado.

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