Dr Judah Garfinkle

Healthcare Winner

Project: Dr Judah Garfinkle | Portland OR

Firm: Emmett Phair Construction | Lake Oswego OR

Design Statement

Dr. Judah Garfinkle’s objective was to build a state of the art facility which incorporated his family’s rich past in Orthodontics and his modern approach of practice. His family’s connection to New York and his love for Portland also played a major role in coming up with the concept of New York meets the NW. The project was a complete remodel, combining several suites into the 3,400 SF, 8 chair clinic. Situated in Portland, Oregon, Dr. Garfinkle’s space took advantage of the wooded scenery with picturesque windows and panoramic views. The doctor wanted his modern esthetic and energetic personality to also be translated in the design with bright pops of color, speakers pumping out music, and his signature, a bowtie. The front desk design came together by visiting a warehouse with reclaimed wood, and choosing the Juniper slab that would be the show piece of the reception area. The white subway tile with dark grout is homage to his roots in New York. Incorporating a seamless glass entry at reception, sliding glass doors down the main hallway, and frosted glass panels in the clinic achieved a layer of transparency and an open office esthetic. Due to the ceiling height constraints, the design focused on inset panels of timber to create interest on all plains, and to bring the Northwest outdoors in. Pops of yellow, teal, and green come from strategically placed carpet tiles, accent paint, and upholstery in the clinic area. With the younger clientele, the goal with color was to have a base of neutrals and white with unexpected pops.

The combination of carpet that was used in this project was integral to the design. We wanted to achieve a sense of movement and energy throughout the space, and utilizing a combination of Blur and Overlay was the best design solution we could find. Both carpets have a gradation to them that when installed, look like flashes of yellow light. Strategically placed pops of the Colour Plank tile in saxony blue reinforced the movement throughout the space and pulled in one of the main accent paints beautifully.

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