Hospitality Winner

Project: Eco | Boston MA

Firm: Prellwitz Chilinski Associates | Cambridge MA

Design Statement

As the third new building in Allston’s Green District, ECO offers a hip, urban alternative for those seeking eco-friendly luxury rental opportunities. At five stories, with a two-level parking garage, ECO’s brick corner tower, bold blue walls and floor to ceiling glass help reposition this newly-created neighborhood as the most forward thinking and architecturally advanced area in the city. The design locates primary amenity spaces or living rooms at the corner entry to the building, concealing rows of ground-level parking beyond. Large windows on both sides allow light to play in the space, creating a fresh, welcoming environment. A neutral palette with whites and grays is accented with the warmth of wood, bold red accents and linear slashes of LED lighting. The 24/7 activity within activates the ground floor, letting neighbors know that the lights are on and “someone is home”. The fitness center was intentionally placed within the most visible top floor corner of the building, offering dramatic views of the neighborhood. Skylight shafts demarcated in bright red draw the eye up from the street to engage with the activity and energy within. In the units, large windows draw in maximum natural light. The open concept allows for flexible use of the space. Sleek linear kitchens with minimalist hardware and silestone counters are integrated into the room layouts while vinyl plank floors provide the warmth of wood with more durable maintenance profiles.

Starting with client direction of creating a modern, Scandinavian-inspired interior, we kept the palette restrained to black, white and gray with pops of bright red, contrasted against the warmth of natural wood. The corridors in the building were so long we needed a way to break them up and create visual interest among a sea of sameness. When we found Shaw Contract Group’s Bevel Hexagon Tile, we knew we could make its unique shape and pattern transform our corridors. By using a combination of three gray tones – light, medium and dark – we developed an organic non-repetitive pattern that turned a circulation space into an exciting and evolving experience.

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