Jsw centre

Large Office Winner

Project: Jsw centre | Mumbai India

Firm: Edifice Consultants Pvt Ltd | Mumbai India

Design Statement

The Brief: The client gave direction for minimal design at the corporate headquarters-which would project and exude tranquility and refinement, while breaking away from the extant closed office culture to an open office. Design approach: Considering the chaotic and busy setting of the site in Mumbai, there was a deliberate intent to fashion lucid spaces, using light and transparency to create a prolific, composed yet open office design. Knowing the clients to be renowned patrons and connoisseurs of art, we evolved this space as a muted backdrop highlighting the clients’ art collection. Working with abundant natural and diffused light, we adopted a palette of whites as our base colour, to craft a non-intrusive, luminous backdrop to enhance the sculptural forms and act as a canvas for the art and sculpture. Each work of art gets its own highlight and renders its individual space without trespassing on the functionality of spaces or clashing with other installations. Physical barriers minimized with light and accent colours were used to define spaces. Impact: Knowing the clients are renowned patrons and connoisseurs of art, we endeavored to address this concern through the building program and go beyond the brief. Even with real estate prices at their peak in Mumbai, this inclusion in the program was appreciated.

Shaw Contract Group design is exactly what we envisioned in our overall concept. The almond shaped floor plate posed a challenge that linear patterned carpet would not compliment. Hence a multidirectional pattern carpet was chosen to complement the palette. Therefore the pattern in the workspace floor forms a canvas to compliment the other colours and materials. The enclosed private offices are defined by the solid carpet which forms the relief amidst the patterned carpet. At a holistic level, the carpet blends in with the design yet retains its own subtle identity.

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