King Edward Hotel Model Room

Hospitality Winner

Project: King Edward Hotel Model Room |
Toronto Canada

Firm: Moncur Design Associates Inc. | Toronto Canada

Design Statement

Originally built in 1903, the opulent King Edward Hotel is considered Toronto’s first luxury hotel. This historic gem is a unique property that is attempting to restore its place as a regal icon in Canada’s largest city. Challenged by the introduction of four new five star hotels opening within a 24-month period in Toronto, the design had to exude ‘carriage trade’ luxury while appealing to a contemporary urban clientele. In conjunction with this, opulence was required to co-exist with the 21st century technology enjoyed by the typical guest. Hollywood glamor influenced the principal aesthetic. A neutral backdrop created the envelope that allows for the splashes of color. Varying textures of the same neutral color tones create a sumptuous layered quality to the room. Glass lamps, clear fixed and decorative mirrors along with the chandelier provide a touch of sparkle, adding to the rich quality in the room. Dark walnut furniture and casegoods compliment the more neutral background and support the strength of the accented red color. Slimline, elegant LED reading lights attached to the headboard are an example of a subtle touch that allows new technology to blend inconspicuously into the room design. A built in ‘jewel’ box on the desk houses a jack pack for plugging in a variety of techno gadgets we all travel with today. This new room at the King Edward Hotel will once again set a standard for the Luxury Brand in Toronto and will move this once premier hotel into its proper place among the best in the city.

As mentioned, the desired aesthetic was predicated upon having a neutral envelope. This does not mean boring by any stretch, it means strategically allowing very specific elements to ‘stand out’ while others are required to be more subtle and retreat into the background. We developed a 32 oz. custom pattern, tone-on-tone grays in a stria pattern with a random cut / loop stria as a carved, hand-knotted carpet. There is a sophistication in its subtlety and simplicity that allowed the creation of a harmonious balance between the neutral palette and ‘red’ accents used throughout.

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