Kongyiji Restaurant private room

Hospitality Winner

Project: 孔乙己餐厅
Kongyiji Restaurant private room | Beijing China

Firm: Nineth Design | Beijing China

Design Statement

Kongyiji Restaurant is a high-end restaurant reflecting the traditional culture of Shaoxing, a southern city of China. Shaoxing is the Venice of China, and is known to the world by its waterscape, special local architecture, and calligraphy. These are all design elements that work together to create the restaurant. This project reconfigures three VIP rooms in the existing restaurant creating a fashionable gathering venue with consistent Chinese artistic style by using the environmental characteristics, culture and history of Shaoxing.

Hexagonal floor tiles and hexagonal door frames or windows are very commonly seen in Shaoxing. The designer uses hexagonal hallow shapes in the indoor screens while very cleverly using the hexagonal carpet of Shaw Contract Group’s Plane Hexagon. Using the randomly mixed layout of hexagons of three different degrees of gray and locally embedding hand-made, customized, tan rugs as the finishing touch create a traditional yet fashionable gathering venue.


六边形的地砖,以及六边形的门框或者窗,在“绍兴”当地很常见。设计师在室内的屏风使用了六边形的镂空造型,同时,很巧妙的利用了shaw的六边形地毯plane hexagon。使用不同灰度的三种灰色hexagon随机混铺,并在局部嵌入檀色的手工定制的rug,画龙点睛,营造了传统而又时尚的聚会场所。

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