Lansing Arts and Sciences Renovation

Education Winner

Project: Lansing Arts and Sciences Renovation |
Lansing MI

Firm: SHW Group | Berkley MI

Design Statement

The 170,000 sq. ft. Arts and Sciences building at Lansing Community College (LCC) opened in 1968 as a classroom building on its main campus. The building meets 80% of the classroom needs on the main campus. LCC had done an admirable job of maintaining the building and providing students with an optimal learning environment, but the time had come for a major renovation of this critical campus building. The new building handles the majority of classroom needs on campus along with science teaching and lab needs. The building also houses all faculty in the Arts and Sciences division for the College. LCC and SHW saw this as an opportunity to activate the building as a true learning and mentoring environment. Collaboration spaces abound in the new building and can be found outside of classrooms and faculty offices suites. These informal gathering spaces create comfortable spots with appropriate tools to allow both student-to-student collaboration and also faculty-to-student collaboration. Faculty are encouraged to work in a team environment in their new open-office style suite supported by break rooms and private conference rooms. The building underwent a major interior renovation on floors 1 through 4. Classrooms and Science Labs were renovated to provide the latest resources to support the curriculum. A new exterior image for the building was created with a window replacement project that breathed new life into some of the architectural features of the existing building and used materials and detailing reflective of some other recent architectural work on campus.

The project called for a truly remarkable transformation to a tired existing building that needed much upgrading. The challenges of working with existing structure were there, but the design team was able to revamp the building from inside and bring it into the 21st learning environment that had both the energy and inspiration all around. Shaw Contract Group carpet met the criteria we were looking for from the perspective of providing subtle textural floor ground for the office spaces, contrasting against pops of color on vertical surfaces, but then having a good pairing of complimentary pattern carpet that could be much more playful and colorful in activated student collaboration spaces. Shaw Contract Group’s carpet solution met the challenge of finding the carpet pattern & colors that could work well with the wide range of colors the interior palette had throughout the building.

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