Large Financial Institution

Large Office Winner

Project: Large Financial Institution | Los Angeles CA

Firm: AECOM | Los Angeles CA

Design Statement

The design team worked closely with the manufacturer’s representative to discover the optimal layout for the client. We wanted the carpet to compliment the clean architectural details demonstrated in the workspace, conference rooms and private offices. We found that the flexibility of the product made it easy for us play with patterns and colors to reinforce the client’s new brand. Branding was critical to the space since the client, a very prestigious global financial services provider, was keen to show off new brand colors. The exceptional choices offered to us made it easy to develop a creative layout of the carpet tiles. We were able to use the mix of colors in a unique manner emphasizing key areas in the space while demonstrating way finding and space types. The team developed a unique solution for an atypical space on the first floor. It was a small space off of the main elevator lobby of a high rise tower in downtown Los Angeles. We decided to make it a flexible community space where the employees could come together for celebrations, sports viewing, game playing, and parties as well as for casual meetings, conferences and open collaboration.

The Shaw Contract Group product is so flexible it feels like a custom product. This is essential to any designer as we always want the outcome for our clients to be unique to them. The flexibility and variety of the product gave us a plethora of options to consider and present to the client. They were most impressed with our choices and thrilled with the results.

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