Louis Dreyfus Commodities

Small Office Winner

Project: Louis Dreyfus Commodities | Calgary Canada

Firm: Shearer Licensed Interior Design Inc | Calgary Canada

Design Statement

Louis Dreyfus Commodities relocated to a full floor for their new responsive, engaging environment. Initially the client stated “Choice equals Personal Effectiveness”, which was used as a guiding factor in all decisions for the project. There is a focus on access to shared-public, shared-private or quiet-private spaces as choice. Programming also unveiled the need for open collaboration and technology choices, including mobile technology. In the main reception, playful elements such as an oversized light fixture, a layered-felt wall, and blue wool carpet create instant awareness. The custom FilzFelt wall in heathered gray is a tactile piece that also provides sound absorption through to the media wall of the boardroom. A peek-a-boo window behind reception continues the visitor engagement and connects to the idea of shared-public, shared private space. Against a neutral palette, intense cobalt blue and lemon yellow brand the space and engage the employee. Internal site lines incorporating natural light, built elements, and art placement are strongly emphasized throughout, creating interesting views everywhere one looks. As a predominantly open space, quiet areas were created by use of non-built components such as furniture, drapery and ceiling elements that softly delineate the zones and allow for flexibility. With open plan and also open ceilings, designers sought out Armstrong Ceilings to create an acoustically defined space without losing the luxury of the open space above. The entire ceiling surface is systematically patterned with acoustical panel drops and LED strips that disappear against the airy white.

As part of the Couture Collection, Spun tile has the subtle linearity, metallic/wool mix, and warm grey that we were looking for as a fundamental element to the design. As a predominantly open space, we wanted the flooring to be seamlessly carried throughout, with uninterrupted elegance. Jeogori was a natural choice to compliment the subtleties provided by Spun, with the grainy woven pattern in a casual grid, it transitioned well into the support for communal spaces.

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