Mingara Leisure Group Corporate Offices

Small Office Winner

Project: Mingara Leisure Group Corporate Offices | Central Coast Australia

Firm: Graphite Architects | Sydney Australia

Design Statement

Our design provides a fresh contemporary space for Mingara Leisure Group on the Central Coast New South Wales, an energetic and progressive company with a strong team culture who manages, develops and refurbishes a broad portfolio of significant club, hospitality and leisure venues. The challenge was to create a new, open, working environment for the group of 30 employees who operate in teams with diverse functions. All this had to work in an existing compact 500 sqm space without the luxury of a large floorplate. We included in our brief a variety of meeting spaces, including a casual conversation hub, a multifunctional layout space and integrated offices for the executive management. The selection of partition screens and the workstation layouts were designed to help maintain privacy for the staff. Connection to the outdoors was imperative so existing glazing was uncovered and refurbished, skylights were installed and plants were introduced to help soften the space. Carefully designed direct and indirect lighting uses ceiling surfaces to deflect and diffuse the light throughout the space. The layering of the ceiling design helped to create a sense of height and volume. A simple colour palette of monochromatic tones and warm oak coloured timbers provide a sophisticated backdrop for more decorative fabrics and artwork which deliver a spontaneous injection of colour into the space. The hexagon carpet tiles help to infuse a sense of playfulness, energy and positivity with strong bursts of colour.

We were presented with an existing shell space that had a very awkward geometry created by a series of external walls angled at 45 degrees. The Shaw Contract Group Hexagon tile presented a perfect flexible solution to reconcile this geometry. In addition, the final selection of the angled workstations fit well with the hexagonal shapes. Our design concept was to use the feature colour radiating from a central focal point within the workspace, serving as the conversation hub. From this point, the colour gradually dissipates and is fragmented, breaking away towards the workstation areas where a concentration of bright colours could otherwise be too strong. We chose the bright, bold shade of cyan as the feature colour as it not only has a strong connection with the client’s corporate branding and coastal location, but also the brightness of the colour really helped to infuse a sense of playfulness, energy and positivity into the space. A combination of the subtle linear patterns of the charcoal and plane black tiles helped provide some added texture to a contrasting background. The hexagon tile provides a very striking yet comfortable feature in this design.

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