Medium-Size Office Winner

Project: SmithGroupJJR | Washington DC

Firm: SmithGroupJJR | Washington DC

Design Statement

A 190 person, 35,000 sq. ft. Washington, DC architectural office completed its second move in 3 years to a permanent location. Knowing they would occupy a temporary office for two years, the environmentally-minded firm designed both spaces simultaneously to maximize the reuse of materials. As part of the firm’s commitment to sustainability, Lokdots were used in the temporary office, allowing the firm to repurpose more than 70%, or almost 1900 SY, of the tile from the temporary office to the final location. An open plan was selected to meet the firm’s objectives of encouraging collaboration and inspiring sustainable practices. Various types of collaboration spaces are prominent throughout, leading to casual interaction and increased productivity. The office also features a “living room” containing the reception area that serves both as a welcoming place for clients and an inviting gathering space for staff. Although 18×36 is used throughout the office, transitions were defined by switching from Blur to Fade to Overlay. With increased staff productivity and overall satisfaction, this LEED-CI Platinum office is a showplace for new methods of collaborative work and an elite example of modern workplace design. This office was the first of the firm’s ten to adopt the 100% open plan concept and lay the groundwork for a unified brand image across all locations. 18×36 has been designated as the firm’s standard. Utilizing a variety of patterns and colorways will allow for individuality at each location while maintaining consistency across the brand.

The coordinating pattern changes in the 18X36 line subtly differentiate spaces. Fade is used with a 30% random inset of Blur for the open office and corridors. The Fade pattern is maintained, with the addition of a 1” stripe of Overlay in orange, placed at random in all casual meeting spaces. The motion and energy this pattern conveys adds to the vibrancy of the office. The clean pattern grounds the different working areas without overwhelming them. The formal conferencing areas feature Overlay and Color Plank Tile in sterling, dolphin and gunmetal placed in a random tiled pattern. This provides a visual change in the flooring for these rooms and extends the exterior and interior paving patterns in the project.

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