Snow King Resort

Hospitality Winner

Project: Snow King Resort  | Jackson Hole WY

Firm: Delawie | San Diego CA

Design Statement

Snow King was the first ski resort in Wyoming. The resort is located in the town of Jackson Hole, Wyoming. Jackson Hole was home to Native Americans until the 1870s, when settlement started occurring by the fur trappers and then followed by the homesteaders. Homesteaders, unable to grow crops due to poor soil, turned to raising cattle. Today, Jackson is known for its dude ranches, where one can experience the life of a cowboy. The design team was challenged to reenergize the tired 200,000 sq. ft. hotel built in1976. The building’s structure has a prominent vocabulary of heavy wood timbers, providing some rustic charm but has long since been forgotten by the locals as a place to drink or dine. The hotel is an American story, and the renovation was guided by the “Tip of the Hat” western hospitality found in the town of Jackson. A strong cowboy-industrial vocabulary was introduced with blackened mill steel, hammered leather, and equine-inspired upholstery. The lobby was enhanced by opening walls to make your arrival welcoming, including the local artisan involvement with metal work, antler chandeliers and enlarged murals. The lobby carpet took inspiration from old sepia toned maps of Wyoming. Adjacent carpet has a faux bois pattern, serving as a reminder of the wilderness surrounding us. The original bar was located in the basement before we brought it upstairs where walls were removed to invite the mountain views in. Crafted of metal and old western belts, the bar provides patrons with a place to unwind after a full day of being outdoors.

Shaw Hospitality Group’s custom CYP and printed program was the perfect solution for this project. The guestroom carpet was inspired from thick, old, cable knit sweaters that were popular when skiing was first introduced. The yarn’s soft color and thick texture in the guestrooms brings quiet warmth. Guestroom corridor carpet was a play on the elk reserve and western wilderness, tying in colors of the property and incorporating the faux bois into the pattern to create a holistic approach to the entire site. The custom printed lobby carpet carries all the subtle tones needed to see the topographic relief of the state of Wyoming including the Snake River which crosses the lobby with major cities indicated at the time the vintage map originated. The beautiful vintage map of Wyoming is even more spectacular from the third and fourth floor balconies. All public corridors use a custom CYP Faux Bois which reminds us of the nearby forest. The pattern plays well with the wood planking and heavy timber beams. The customization of the project was essential to cultivate the western theme, making you want to kick off your boots and stay a spell.

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