The Central Development

Healthcare Winner

Project: The Central Development | Crace Australia

Firm: Gilmore Interior Design | Sydney Australia

Design Statement

‘The Central’ at Crace is managed by Goodwin Aged Care Services. The development provides quality living environments that allows for ageing in place for seniors. The Clubhouse facility is the central hub of the Crace community. Gilmore Interior Design was appointed as interior design consultants for all stages of the development working in collaboration with Canberra architects AMC Design +Management. GID is committed to innovative interior design in retirement and aged care developments; with a design philosophy focused on creating non-institutional urban environments with the user group at the core of the design process. The client provided a clear brief of objectives – the creation of a sophisticated, high quality living environment. The architectural character was to be attractive and comfortable, incorporating contemporary forms and materials. The interior design was to reflect the architectural character with a modern palette of finishes and fixtures. It was GID’s vision to produce an interior that honoured the vision and values of the client while working in unison with the contemporary architecture of the building; balancing the refinement of modern design with a palette of rich finishes to make an environment warm, welcoming and timeless in appeal – bridging the gap from the exterior to the interior Kitchens and bathrooms were ergonomically designed to comply with accessible codes to allow for adaptability for residents of all levels of ability and mobility. The apartments are a definition of great design as they can be easily modified to suit resident’s needs as their abilities change with ageing. This project is innovative and sets a new standard for the future of retirement and aged care design in ACT, serving to unite all members of the community by designing spaces that foster intergenerational interactions and a high quality of life. Resulting is a non-institutional environment that showcases the importance and relevance of interior design in the retirement and aged care sector.

Gilmore interior Design utilized Shaw carpet through the fit-out of the Club House building within The Central Development. The Club House building was an important part of the development for the client; they had clear objectives, instructing the creation of a sophisticated environment which would become the hub of the Crace community for future residents and their visiting family and friends. The Shaw carpet selected for the main lounge area of the Club House was AlterNATURE, Natural Selection in colour iroko. This broadloom carpet product formed the base of the sophisticated palette generated for the Clubhouse by introducing a level of luxury, richness, warmth and comfort. The carpet worked harmoniously with the combination of materials, textures and paints in neutral hues, warm browns, gold’s and purples. The broadloom product, AlterNATURE Core, in colour iroko was utilized within the Activities Room while AlterNATURE Earth Tone tile in colour iroko was employed within the Gym space of the Club House. These two carpets worked in unison with the scheme developed for the public Lounge space of the Club House however adding a level of serviceability for residents due to the reduced pile height and the darker base tone of products. In conclusion the Shaw products employed throughout this project contributed to the overall design and detailing of the Club House, these products became the foundation to palettes of materials and finishes developed for the building. The products assisted GID in achieving the design objectives of the project by enhancing the sophistication, warmth and aesthetic of the Club House environment. This space has been received with enthusiasm by residents becoming a central hub for the Crace development and community at large.

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