TX Contemporary VIP Lounge

Retail Winner

Project: TX Contemporary VIP Lounge | Houston TX

Firm: MaRS, Mayfield and Ragni Studio | Houston TX

Design Statement

In the temporary space for the 2014 TX Contemporary Art Fair VIP Lounge, the designers presented a series of themes central to the environment, commerce and lifestyle of the Houston region. In previous year’s, fair included interactive walls where patrons wrote their opinions on two significant questions, “Art is?” and “Texas is?” Taking cues from these responses and building upon the original key themes of “wet, fat, oily and red,” the designers conceived the 2014 VIP Lounge as an evolution of its predecessor years while incorporating an entirely new visual language. All of the items used in the lounge were re-purposed from years past since budget and time were the key design constraints. Carpet and paint created the infrastructure and framework for the envelope of the lounge. A custom vinyl on the floor lured patrons into the lounge with the two questions and once inside the beanbag lounge art lovers could admire their own phrases, words and artwork graphically painted on the carpet. An inspired OpArt graphic in the fair’s signature red and white was painted on the main wall in the beanbag lounge to provide patrons a place for respite and contemplation. Umbrellas were repurposed into chandeliers and flanked an artist’s interpretation of the theme “wet” while playing of the striped framework. Ligne Roset Houston was a sponsor of the lounge and the design team carefully curated and selected furniture to integrate with the design while providing optimal seating positions for viewing and lounging.

Shaw Contract Group tiles, donated two years prior, were reused for the 2014 VIP Lounge. The carpet tiles were not only an ideal option for the needs of the project team, but also their recycling represented a commitment to sustainability by the groups involved. The flooring color was able to be seamlessly integrated with the event branding while yielding a highly variable and customizable solution. Given the team was interested in working within a mathematically derived solution, the Shaw Contract Group tiles offered ample possibilities which proved to generate a sophisticated result. Since the TX Contemporary Art Fair takes place in a large convention center, the space required very rapid set-up time and carpet tile proved to be a great time efficient solution. Durability was another concern as thousands of patrons congregating in a bar area were certain to cause both wear and stains. The Shaw Contract Group product performed flawlessly and provided a flexible solution for the design team.

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