Corporate Headquarters

Large Office Winner

Project: Corporate Headquarters |
Las Vegas NV

Firm: KMD Architects | San Francisco CA

Design Statement, one of the most successful and progressive online retailers, signed a deal in 2011 to lease the former Las Vegas City Hall building for its new headquarter campus. By relocating from a Nevada suburb to downtown, Zappos has boldly invested in an aging area eclipsed by Las Vegas Boulevard’s glamour. True to the company’s value of embracing and driving change, the new corporate campus has reinvented the property, invigorated the neighborhood, and introduced a major non-gaming enterprise which ultimately created 2,000 jobs. KMD Architects partnered with Zappos to design the renovation of the 295,000-square-foot, LEED Gold building. The design team took great care in researching employee needs, personalities, and values to properly craft a solution befitting Zappos. KMD’s major infrastructure improvements and complete redesign of the City Hall interiors increased occupancy from 600 to 2,000. Creativity, fun, communication, positive team spirit, and doing more with less are signature Zappos values. KMD’s design integrates each of these not only within the building itself, but with its relationship to its surroundings. Building interiors are punctuated with vibrant colors reflecting Zappos’ fun, quirky character. Open floor plans and strategically-placed furniture facilitate impromptu meeting areas, while patterned carpet delineate areas and visually organize “rooms” without walls. Work areas are arranged to maximize access to daylight and views, maintaining the connection to downtown at every possible moment. The story of the Corporate Headquarters is one of growth and new vibrancy for both the client and Downtown Las Vegas.

In 2013, Zappos relocated from Henderson, Nevada to the former Las Vegas City Hall. The move reflected Zappos core values and was the ignition to a revitalized Downtown Las Vegas. From many buildings Zappos moved to a campus containing 295,000 SF in 3 buildings including 11 floors in the office tower. Collision not convenience was the mantra. The floors provide mixtures of teaming and individual workspace to promote dynamic interactions. Collaborative spaces including conference rooms, phone rooms and casual meeting areas are centralized internally per floor. The open floor plan promotes natural light throughout. Room functions vary by floor and encourage users to travel between floors to meet. Open office areas offer flexibility. The carpet design enhances the central collaboration elements by focusing the majority of patterns and color at interaction areas while leaving open workspace more textural and neutral. Definition around the collaborative spaces was created through bright colors for doors and cores and strong carpet colors; the workspace was left open as a palette for Zappos creativity. Chalk board paint enables teams to showcase talents and personalities. The carpets chosen for Zappos are lively, vibrant and enhance the overall design. The ceilings are open with all power and data exposed. Unfixed furniture standards enable teams to reorganize as needed. The carpet design enhances the openness of the space, creates paths and provides a notional “border” between workspace and collaborative space. Carpeting was a major component of the interior finishes which contributed to the project achieving LEED Gold Certification.

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